Spanish Wordle

This is a Spanish version of one of the most popular word games called Wordle.

Wordle español

Esta es una versión en español de uno de los juegos de palabras más populares llamado Wordle.

What is Wordle?

Josh Wardle is a Welsh software engineer who created and developed the web-based word game Wordle. The game has been owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022.

The game is played by creating words out of a grid of random letters. The longer the word, the more points the player scores. The game keeps track of the player's score, and the player can compete against other players by sharing their score on social media.

Wordle was originally created as a way to generate word clouds, but has since been developed into a full game. The game is free to play, and does not require registration.

Spanish Wordle word today answer

Answer for 26 July 2022 is: RUBEO

Answer for 25 July 2022 is: ZURDO

Answer for 24 July 2022 is: GOFRA

Answer for 27 Jan 2023 is: RAJON

Answer for 7 FEB 2023 is: CALIS

Hint for today's word answer: 28 Jan 2023

Answer Hint: It is related to the criminal underworld

Sugerencia para la respuesta de la palabra de hoy: 28 de enero de 2023

Sugerencia de respuesta: Está relacionado con el inframundo criminal.

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